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We are the leading manufacturer, Supplier in Maharashtra India and exporter to South Africa of Animal feed supplement Products. We have a wide range of Animal feed supplement Products, which plays a very significant role in protecting and maintaining animal health.

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Founder and Director of Mack Auraa Drugs

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The company is a dream come true of two visionaries MACK AURAA DRUG is an organization established by a visionary person who translated his vision into reality in the form of MACK PHARMATECH PVT. LTD. i.e. Dr. Kiran Badgujar ( MD, MACK PHARMATECH PVT. LTD.)

MACK AURAA focuses on integrity & reliability, like the parent company 'MACK PHARMATECH PVT.LTD.' does, and Mr. Kiran Badgujar always ensures the same.

At MACK AURAA DRUGS, with his customer Focused nature, humble personality strong flair in commercial background, he made it up to the director level. His passion towards innovation in pharma sales & marketing has only flourished to add value in healthcare business.

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